The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries.
Clarence Darrow

In 1990, Joseph P. Milton started a civil litigation law firm, Joseph P. Milton, P.A., a firm with a practice emphasis in railroad defense, admiralty law, medical malpractice, products liability, personal injury and wrongful death. Throughout his career spanning 42 years, Joe Milton set a standard for trial lawyers that was characterized by intense advocacy for his clients, an outspoken commitment to the right of trial by jury and the ideal that zealous advocacy should never be mistaken for unethical or unprofessional conduct. Over time, that firm would add several partners; Eric Leach, Joshua Whitman, James D’Andrea, Michael Milton, and Ryan Eslinger, and all of the attorneys at the firm carry the same commitment to the zealous representation of our clients.

We have faith in the American jury system and our approach to litigation is one of aggressive, cost-effective preparation for trial – not settlement. This approach optimizes the final result for our clients whether a case is resolved by settlement or otherwise since our opponents understand that we will press our clients’ cause to the very end – including to a jury trial, if necessary. Because results matter, we are very proud of the many successful trial outcomes achieved by our attorneys on behalf of our clients.

Our approach allows clients the opportunity to settle any case favorably by never leaving them unprepared to fight and win in the courtroom. It also means not billing a client aimlessly and endlessly. We are experts in our areas of practice and pursue client objectives without having to reinvent the wheel. Our litigation paralegals and staff provide the highest level of professionalism and experience in pursuit of our client’s needs.

Above all, we are proud trial lawyers — committed to the dynamic representation of our clients and to due process of law. Milton, Leach, Whitman, D’Andrea & Eslinger is uniquely qualified to represent both businesses and individuals who value top flight litigation counsel.